The Who: DJ DN3

The What: Off The Cuff

The When: Every Monday @ 7pm  (Arizona)

The Where:


'Off The Cuff' is a radio show segment conceived by Lefty ( and DJ DN³. The segment will be focused on shedding some light on our local people of interest, artists, musicians, businesses, community figures, as well as opinions on national and worldwide matters. 

Straight spit, cutting edge music, interesting conversation with interesting people, and hard-line opinions. In other words - you never know what might come out of Lefty's mouth on the show.

While we intend to feature those a means of recognition and support, the views and opinions of Lefty and those of DJ DN³ are solely individual based. You might want to tune in because you may get rode on.....or you may even get your props.


Thanks for your patience!